Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members and the state in which they served. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of American independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (26 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

Louis Gosselin, LT

Benedict Francis Van Pradelles, LT

Joseph Abbott, LCOL

Solomon Avery, PS
Hezekiah Betts, SGT
Joseph Chandler, PVT
Jonathan Cressy, PVT
Frederick Eveland, SGT
Thomas Foster, CS, PS
Adoniram Grant, PS
Lewis Hart, TRM
Ashbel Hollister, PVT, PS
John M. Saunders, PVT, PS 
Hope Lothrop, CAPT, PS
Isaac Parker, SGT
Richard Ransom, CAPT
Jonathan Taylor, SGT
Levi Trumbull, PS
Luther Trumbull, SOL
Smith Weed, COMSY
Robert Whitcomb, SGT
Francis Wilcox, PVT
Andrew Winchester, PVT, PS
Richard Winchester, PVT
Joseph Woodworth, PVT

Jacob Burton, PVT


Alexander Douglass, NC, SOL, PS
John Austin, SOL

Samuel Ackley, PVT

John Adams, SDI, PS
Aaron Bird, Jr., DRM
Eliphalet Cheney, PVT
John Croft, CPL
Jason Damon, PVT
Asa Danforth, CAPT
Eliphalet Day, PS
Elijah Dwight, CAPT
John Garfield, PVT
Jesse Guild, PVT
Brian Hall, LT
Thomas Hoadley, PVT
Orsamus Holmes, VT, PVT, PS
Philip Lee, PVT
Constant Macomber, PVT
Samuel Marshall, 1LT
Isaac Melvin, CPL
Thomas Moore, PVT
Henry Morrill, COL
Hugh Mulloy, LT
Stephen Penniman, MAJ
Edmund Rathburn, PVT
Noah Tiffany, SGT
Edward Turner, LT

William Coe, PS

James Downing, SOL, PS
John C Lindsey, SGT
Kidd Morsell, PS
Philip D Maroney, CAPT
James Sargent, Jr., PS
Nicholas Slade, PS
Benedict Swope, PS
John Talbot, CAPT
Michael Trout, PS

North Carolina
William Bertram, PVT
Alexander Blackshear, PS
John Boreland, PS
John Braley, CS
John Cade, SOL, PS
Alexander Clark, CAPT, CS, PS
William Clark, CS, PS
Peter Curtis, PVT, MUS
Azariah Doty, PVT
William Frank, CS, PS

North Carolina (continued)
William Frank, CS, PS

John Hunt, PVT
James Jeffery, PS
Darling Jones, PVT
Rowland Judd, CS
Thomas Lindley, PS
John Sloss, PS
William Talbot, SOL
Samuel Truss, LT, PS
Richard Vernon, CAPT
Samuel Woods, CAPT
Solomon Yeomans, PVT

New Hampshire
Constant Barney, PVT, PS
Nathaniel Batchelder, Sr., SGT
John Folsom, PVT
Elihu French, PS
Ezekiel Greeley, PS
James Gregg, PVT, PS
Joseph Hodgman, PVT
Abijah Learned, PS
Peter Wakefield, PVT
Deliverance Wilson, PVT, PS

New Jersey
Francis Blackwell, PS
Samuel Preston, ENS
Israel Shreve, COL
Alexander Simpson, PVT
Daniel Stockton, PS
John Van Gieson, PVT PS
Helmagh Van Houten, PS

New York
Isaac Austin, PVT

Judah Baker, PVT
Harmonus Brewer, LT
George Countryman, LT, PS
Jonathan Crane, LT
Garret Freer, Jr., PVT, PS
John Keeler, PVT
George G Klock, PVT, PS
David Leighton, CAPT
Jost Loucks, PVT
Ludwig Nellis, LT
Truman Merchant, PVT
Lewis Morris, Sr., SDI, MG, PS
William Oldfield, PVT
John Paulding, PVT
John Purdy, PVT
Jeriah Rhodes, PS
Caleb Wright, Jr., SGT

Gaius Gawyn Allison, PVT
Humphrey Atchison, PVT
Joseph Bartholomew, SCT
Henry Beeson, PS
Jacob Blough, PVT
Daniel Bonebrake, Jr., CPL, PS
William Bonner, PVT
John Bowman, PS
William Brooke, PVT
Charles Canary, PVT
Andrew Carothers, PVT
Samuel Craig, Sr., SOL, PS
George Creviston, CPL
Christopher Eckenrode, CPL, PS
Isaac Ferry, PVT
Stephen Gapen, PVT
Stephen Groves, PVT
Lodewyk Hoover, CPL
Henry Latshaw, PS
George Leasure, CS
Benjamin Leasure, PVT, PS
Joseph Leidy, PVT
Andrew Maurer, PVT
Alexander Mccurdy, PVT
John Mohler, PVT
Samuel Montgomery, CAPT
Allen Nesbitt, ENS
John Nicholas Hedrick, ENS
Daniel Omer, SOL
John Patterson, Jr., PVT
Adam Poe, PVT
Andrew Ritz, PVT
John Rambo, LT
Robert Steele, ENS
Samuel Wheeler, PVT, PS

Rhode Island
Shearjashub Bourne, Jr., STAFFOF
Shearjashub Bourne, Sr., CS
James Brown, Jr., ENS
Samuel Kent, PVT
Peter Robbins, PVT
Peleg Saunders, PVT

South Carolina
Christian Riddlespurger, PS
John Boyd, SOL, PS
John Dowling, PVT
Jacob Fulmer, PVT
John Houston, Jr., PVT, PS
John Justice, Jr., NONCOM, PS
John Justice, Sr., PVT
Benjamin Kilgore, COL, PS
Joseph Marquis, Jr., SOL
William Martindale, PVT
William Mcclintock, SOL
James Mcelroy, PVT
Jacob Phillips, SOL, PS
Francis Ross, PS
Joseph Trimble, PVT

William Abbott, Jr., PVT

Vital Beauvais, PS
William Bibb, CAPT, PS
Zebulon Collins, PVT
Charles Cornelius, CPL
Thomas Cracroft, PS
Isaac Dawson, PS
David Edmondson, SOL
Richard Estes, LT, PS
Elisha Estes, PS
John Fudge, PS
Charles Gatliff, CAPT, PS
Thomas Graham, SOL
Stephen Grier, CS, PS
Thomas Hamilton, PVT
Daniel Higgins, PVT
Henry Hyden, PS
Jonathan Hanby, CAPT, PS
Strangeman Hutchins, PS
Ambrose Jones, CPL, PS
Stephen Langford, PS
Zachariah Lee, PVT
James Lewis, SGM, PS
Thomas Markham, PVT
Joseph Martin, LCOL, CS, PS
John Mcculloch, Sr., CS
Joseph Meek, PS
Benjamin Mileham, SOL, PS 
Jacob Miller, Jr., SOL
Jacob Miller, Sr., PS
William Niblack, PVT
Moredock O Mckenzie, PVT
Thomas Purcell, Jr., PS
William Rennick, PS
Philip Roush, PVT
Jacob Snyder, LT, PS
Cadwallader C. Slaughter, SGT PS
Richard Stone, PS
Edmund Taylor, Sr., CS, PS
William Toney, PS
Samuel Watkins, PVT
Nicholas Wilkerson, PS
Caleb Worley, PS
Joshua Younger, PVT


Abner Chamberlain, LT
John Chamberlain, PS
Haynes French, PVT
John French, PVT
Stephen Rice, PVT
Simeon Wright, PVT





1LT — First Lieutenant; CAPT — Captain; COL — Colonel; COMSY — Commissary ; CPL — Corporal; DRM — Drummer; ENS — Ensign; LCOL — Lieutenant Colonel; LT — Lieutenant; MAJ — Major; MG — Major General; MUS — Musician; PS — Patriotic Service; PVT — Private; SCT — Scout; SDI — Signer of the Declaration of Independence; SGT — Sergeant; SGM — Sergeant Major; SOL — Soldier (no known details); STAFFOF — Staff Officer; TRM — Trumpet Major

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